Materiality 01
Adoption of an improvement plan for overseas shipments to increase the global competitiveness of Hokkaido’s food products

Kitami Institute of Technology, Otaru University of Commerce, and Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Efficient transportation routes will be established to take into consideration the work conditions of long-distance truck drivers and the methods used to maintain the transportation system in an emergency. A plan will be formulated to improve the shipping of high-quality, high-priced Hokkaido food products by adopting a method that best combines food processing and refrigerated or frozen storage at optimum locations. This project is aimed at improving the global competitiveness of Hokkaido’s food products and adding more value to them.

Tomakomai Pier
Transportation by Nippon Express

Material challenges and promotion plans

Materiality 01
Improve the productivity and competitiveness of the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and manufacturing industries.

Materiality 02
Create a smart community and use renewable energy sources.

Materiality 03
Provide a sustainable supply food and live in harmony with the environment.

Materiality 04
Commercialize and create startups in the growing aerospace, agriculture, and digital biotechnology industries.

Materiality 05
Build a symbiotic community that fosters good health and social participation.