Materiality 02
Regional roll-out of the Smart Access Vehicle Service (SAVS) and collaborative services

Future University Hakodate and Sapporo City University

Smart Access Vehicle Service (SAVS) is a new platform for public transportation services using AI. A venture with its origins in Future University Hakodate, Mirai Share Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 following a series of demonstration experiments. Industry-academia collaborations in SAVS will be strengthened to roll out this platform in other regions of Hokkaido and for further collaborations in other industries and services.

Demonstration vehicle of Mirai Share Co., Ltd.

Feasibility Studies

Material challenges and promotion plans

Materiality 01
Improve the productivity and competitiveness of the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and manufacturing industries.

Materiality 02
Create a smart community and use renewable energy sources.

Materiality 03
Provide a sustainable supply food and live in harmony with the environment.

Materiality 04
Commercialize and create startups in the growing aerospace, agriculture, and digital biotechnology industries.

Materiality 05
Build a symbiotic community that fosters good health and social participation.