Materiality 02
Development of a renewable, self-sufficient energy system in local areas

Hokkaido University

In recent years, many natural disasters have occurred due to climate change, and local industries and communities have suffered damage as a result. Given this, a self-sufficient renewable energy system is urgently required. Consequently, a robust, sustainable community that is resilient to disasters in both emergency and non-emergency situations will be created through the development of an industrial DC nanogrid with a newly developed multi-fuel engine that can be used with a range of fuels.

Regional multi-grid using a multi-fuel engine
Multi-fuel engine

Feasibility Studies

Material challenges and promotion plans

Materiality 01
Improve the productivity and competitiveness of the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and manufacturing industries.

Materiality 02
Create a smart community and use renewable energy sources.

Materiality 03
Provide a sustainable supply food and live in harmony with the environment.

Materiality 04
Commercialize and create startups in the growing aerospace, agriculture, and digital biotechnology industries.

Materiality 05
Build a symbiotic community that fosters good health and social participation.